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roo the third
Friday, 11 February 2005
Do you mind not coming yet?
The Harlem Globetrotters are going to be at your daddy's work tomorrow. So can you wait 'til after that? Of course, any time you are ready is fine with me. Daddy got your gowns and things down and I've washed them and folded them and found a shelf to put them on. I've got your cute lil cloth diapers ready to go as well.
Hey, you're not moving much these days. Can you move around a bit to reassure me that you're doing well in there? Not too much though. You're in a great position for delivery but a few nudges here and there would be fun.
I'm feeling a bit annoyed that I have another pre-natal appointment scheduled for Tuesday. It seems like a drag to drive out there to get my blood pressure checked and listen to your heartbeat when I know you'll be here soon anyway. But I'll go if you're still comfy inside of me. What's one more appointment? No biggie.

I need to clean some more anyway. I did all that cleaning this weekend and then I had to rest a bit. Now it's all dirty again. Haha. So I'm going to sweep and mop and clean the walls. I hope you have a good time doing it with me.
Mommy and her little helpers

Posted by niproo at 3:29 PM PST
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Tuesday, 8 February 2005
Not done yet
So my due date was Sunday and you're still in there. That's OK. I knew you would be. If I had to guess, I would guess you'll come on Thursday, February 10th. So now...just keep waiting. No biggie. I've had lots of practice waiting for the past 9 months. What's a few more days/weeks? I don't mind. You come when you're ready and no sooner. We'll be here.
I've hired a post-partum doula to help us out after you are born so you and I can get the rest we need and your brother and sister will have someone to help them out when they need it. She is a Catholic nun and really sweet. She will only need to heat up food since I've filled the freezer with pre-cooked meals to nourish our family and help me make super yummy breastmilk for you. I've got cookies and muffins and ice cream in there too.
I shampooed the carpet over the weekend and seriously scrubbed and mopped the back room where the dog is. Skanda and Nadia took turns mopping, as well. They have a lot of fun mopping. The house is mostly clean, birthing supplies in order, bills paid and food fully stocked. We even got our first delivery of organic produce to our door today. Oooh how yummy! There are so many goodies in the box including asian pears and avocadoes and asparagus and sugar snap peas. We're going to be feasting on produce now.
I just need to get your clothes in order and we're set. I'm waiting on your daddy to find some time before or after work to help me get the boxes with your stuff in them. I'm sure he's not worried about running out of time. Labor lasts a while and it will only take a few minutes for him to find the boxes...
With all the patience in the world,

Posted by niproo at 7:59 PM PST
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Monday, 31 January 2005
I have a GIANT belly!
I had no idea you were so big and right out in front. I've been walking around thinking I looked rather small for being due next Sunday. That's what I get for not looking in the mirror. So I took pics today - one week before your estimated due date. Here's what you look like from outside my belly. You seem to be head down and settled in there. Now we just have to wait and see how and when you want to make your appearance. I'm not attached to any certain date although I had thought February 10th felt like the right date for a long time. Or you can be like your brother and come on Superbowl Sunday.

Posted by niproo at 1:39 AM PST
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Wednesday, 26 January 2005
Hi Baby, how are you?
You keep nudging me and slowly stretching in there. Are you getting ready? I'm feeling a little more at peace with your impending arrival. I don't feel so much panic and a sense of urgency like I did last week. If you want to come tomorrow, I think I'll be OK.
A friend told me on the phone today that three was actually easier than two because she learned how to go with the flow better. It seems that things are running pretty smoothly with your new cousin Jenji and his brother and sister too. I hope you're excited about joining us!
I went on a bunch of errands with Skanda and Nadia today and quite a few people wanted to know my due date. They sort of laughed when I said "Not yet" because I guess I look pretty big. I thought my belly looked very round and compact until I saw a few other pregnant women today who were only around 6 months along. I thought I looked like they do, but I'm way bigger. I'll take a picture soon to show you.
I think I'm feeling more at peace because I've got the freezer stocked with meals and Skanda's birthday party is tomorrow. I'm planning to shampoo the carpet this weekend after the kids get cake and ice cream all over it.

We're all set over here. I have a plan. I fully expect you to foil my plans if that's the best time for you to come, though :)
Lots of love and anticipation,

Posted by niproo at 11:22 PM PST
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Sunday, 2 January 2005
It's crunch time!
This is a pic from before Thanksgiving. Pointy, huh?
So anyway, I think you're scrunched and I'm starting to feel a time crunch. You'll be here so soon!!
I want to shampoo the carpet. I want to clean all the windows. I want to scrub the walls with bleach. I want to rewallpaper the dining room. I want to shine the faucets. I want to get on my hands and knees and scrub behind the toilets. But I don't fit. I want to buy some shelves and bins to organize better. I need to make a special binder for my bills because my current system isn't working so well.
All this and all I really want to do is sleep. But oh how I wish those things would magically get done. And of course I still need to buy you some diaper covers and infant prefolds. I don't know where they went. I guess I gave them away over time since Nadia was born. I also need to go through baby clothes again and pull out the stuff I want to have ready for you. CRUNCH TIME! You'll be here before I know it.

Hopefully, I'll get to visit your new cousin today. He was born on Sunday, December 26th, at home. My brother said that they didn't call the midwife until pretty close to the birth so he was born 15 minutes after the midwife arrived. He was named, via email, by Govinda Maharaj. I don't want to show up with the kiddos and disturb their baby moon. Also, Nadia and Skanda have mild colds and I would hate for Ro and Pari to get them too. There's enough work to be done with a new baby in the house without adding nose wiping to the mix.

You move slowly in there these days. Stretching and nudging me til it hurts. Owie. You're running out of room. I move slowly too. If anyone saw me attempt to run, they would laugh until tears streamed down their faces. I feel your hiccups too. I've never felt hiccups from my baby in utero before. It's so cool. I don't think my belly is getting much bigger. You must be filling in every available space.
I feel a lot of cramping and activity low down so I've been wondering if my body is getting ready by dilating and effacing. I tried to check my cervix, but I couldn't find it. I know, you would think that someone like me would know how to check a cervix. Just call me stubby fingers. *sigh* I guess it's high and back, which is good.

Surprise, surprise, your daddy can't decide on names. He really likes Amelie - probably because I'm not sure. I mean, I like the sound of it but it's just waaaay too much like and Amrita, Emma and Malati for my comfort. We've already got Nandi/Skanda/Nadia issues. But he doesn't like Anjali :( He also isn't so sure about Kapila anymore. What to do? My plan of action is to avoid the topic. He never makes up his mind until the last second after the last second anyway. And even then, he second guesses. Yesterday he asked me if we should have named our son Skanda. ;) He did like the idea of Kekoa. Maybe for a middle name? Last time I suggested Koa, he said no way. I guess Kekoa is a little different though. It wouldn't work as a middle name for Kapila so then we would be stuck again. So that's your name saga, so far.

I overslept and missed my last appointment with Ann so I see her on Wednesday. The kids were having a rough night and woke up at 1 am and didn't all go back to sleep until 4, which lead to me not waking up again until 10 am. OOPS. I guess they have trouble breathing at night - even with the humidifier running with essential oils in it. I wonder if I'll tip the scales at 200 lbs yet? I've never been to 200 before. That will be interesting.

I'm starting to get all jittery and excited to meet you! But I can be patient too. Afterall, you're easier for me to carry around when you're IN my belly rather than out.

Posted by niproo at 10:51 AM PST
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Thursday, 18 November 2004
Getting BIG

Guess what baby? We have names. Your daddy had a dream that you were a boy with red hair. Maybe that's you. And he also thinks Kapila (KahPEELah)would be a great name. I love it! It's a Hawaiian name that means stringed musical instrument. It's also a Sanskrit name that means reddish. Your daddy didn't know that but it fits so perfectly with his dream! So that must be your name if you are a red headed boy - just like your brother Skanda.

If you are a girl, daddy likes Amelie. I do like it, but I think it sounds kind of similar to other names in my family. And if I could spell it Amali, I think it would match Nadia's and Skanda's names better. But I wouldn't choose Amali unless it was already a name in another language and not just a uneek spelling. Come to think of it, I think that is how Amelie would be spelled in Hawaiian. I still really like Anjali too. They sound alike anyway. So, we're not 100% sure what name you will want if you are a girl.

I haven't had an ultrasound so we haven't peeked inside at you, lil RooCube. But we've listened to your heart beating and watched you move all around in there. Your heart rate is about the same as Skanda's and Nadia's, 150s, so I guess we can't predict gender based on that. You're so mysterious :)
Everything is going great. My fundal height is measuring on target, no low iron issues or Gestational Diabetes problems. You're just rolling around in there and getting big and strong and ready to join us. Sorry about the kids squishing you when they sit on my lap. I'm starting to not have any lap left.
Here is a picture of me, your mommy, that Skanda drew on my belly:

Posted by niproo at 1:33 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, 18 November 2004 1:39 AM PST
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Saturday, 2 October 2004
We held you last night!
It was so fun. I was on the floor with Skanda and Nadia to wind down at bedtime and Nadia wanted to poke at my belly button. She lifted my shirt and I looked down at my belly and noticed it was looking lopsided with a big bump sticking up on my top right. I put my hands gently over the bump and softly prodded until I realized it was YOU! I held you for a while and felt your gentle nudges and your round head.
Skanda got really excited and wanted to hold you too. He cradled you in his hands and then jiggled you because he wanted you to dance. Did you feel that? He loves to jiggle you around.
Then Nadia gave you kisses and said goodnight.
Thank you for coming to play with us, RooCube :)

Posted by niproo at 12:54 PM PDT
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Saturday, 18 September 2004
Hey there, Thumper
You've been thumping away in there these days. Are you having fun? Tap tap tap. Thump thump. I know I'm having fun :) I love your dancing. I especially notice it while I'm trying to cook dinner. Or maybe you don't like it when I bump against the counter and I'm feeling you move away really quickly. Sometimes I feel you moving around while I'm sitting at the computer.

The other night I dreamed that you stretched and your foot stuck way out and your daddy could see it outlined on my belly. So he held your foot and shook it like people shake hands when they greet someone. Nice to meet you BabyRoo3 :)

Nadia tells me that you are a Baby Boy. She is very insistent. She likes to try to touch you through my belly button. OUCH!

Skanda pushes on my belly to see if you'll move and then he can feel it. He hasn't felt you moving yet but I have a feeling that you've felt him. He'll be able to feel you soon and so will Daddy.

Guess what? Your uncle Vrin and auntie Rachel have moved here with your cousins Parijata and Vanarottama. They are expecting a new baby into their family in December. So you'll have a cousin just your age! I'm so excited :)

Posted by niproo at 9:53 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 18 September 2004 2:47 PM PDT
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Friday, 30 July 2004
Moving Into the Second Trimester
Guess what? I have grown out of my regular clothes and I have such a belly that I have to wear maternity clothes now. Can you believe it? I'm only TWELVE WEEKS!! Thank you to Sonja and Bridget for helping with my wardrobe :) At least it's very obvious to the general public that I am pregnant and I'm having lots of fun talking about it with people.

I've only gained 5 lbs so far. That's the strangest part. How can I have such a big belly? But the coolest thing is that I have felt you move. When I'm really still and relaxing on the couch, I feel flutters. I've only felt you move three times. But I KNOW it was you. Those little wiggly feelings inside make bubbles of excitement rise up and I want to giggle with happiness. I'm looking forward to when you get bigger and I can feel you dancing.

I'm mostly over the nausea and morning sickness period. I have some good days and some bad days, but now they are mostly good days. Heartburn has reared its ugly head instead. I sip on Coca-cola over ice, in just the right amounts until it goes away. Too much sipping and it gets worse. I crave noodles a lot. Mostly asian style noodles like pad thai, udon, ramen, soba. Angel hair and mac n cheese will do in a pinch, but I mostly like the lightness of rice noodles and the refreshing cold soba noodles dunked in dipping sauce with ice cubes floating in it. I have a few favorite snacks that only a pregnant mama can love. These days, it's jasmine rice with gomasio sesame seeds, avocado, vegenaise, capers and Braggs liquid aminos. Mmmmm I could eat some right now. Gomasio rice.

I have a plastic fetus. It fits in my palm. Midwife Ann gave it me at our last appointment. It is the size of a 12 week fetus so I've been waiting to be 12 weeks so that I would know how big you were. I hold the baby in my hand and look at how nicely you fit in my palm. So tiny but so perfect. I'll post a picture of the baby in my hand when I get the pics off the camera. And it's about time I took some updated belly pics. I'll do that right after this, in fact.

Next week is the appointment with Ann. We'll hear your heartbeat for the first time. I have no strong feeling one way or another on if you are a boy or girl. I have only thought of girl names, but we only had a girl name picked when Skanda was born. And we didn't really have a name when Nadia was born. It's all about you, baby. We'll just wait until you tell us more about yourself.

Mommy and Daddy and Skanda and Nadia

Posted by niproo at 9:15 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 18 September 2004 2:46 PM PDT
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Saturday, 17 July 2004
It's been a while
I have started taking pictures of my expanding belly. I won't share the very first one with you because you're not even showing in the picture yet. It's just my weak gut from having grown your brother and sister in there. I'm definitely looking pregnant, even though you're just a wee thing - not much bigger than my thumb. But you'll be poking up above my pelvic cradle pretty soon.

I finally decided on a midwife last week. Her name is Ann. She lives far away but she's really nice and friendly and has just the right philosophy and experience that makes me comfortable and confident in her care. We talked for 2 1/2 hours while her teenage daughter took Skanda and Nadia to her backyard to play on the trampoline. She thought maybe she could hear your heartbeat. I didn't think she could because the earliest I've heard a baby's heartbeat in there was 14 weeks. I guess you're in really deep. We never heard anything. We'll probably get to hear you next time we go. (And she's going to do that icky bloodwork stuff next time too. *shudder*)

I also met with Dr. Pushpa as a prospective midwife. She has a charming Naturopathic clinic not too far from here. She has kind eyes. I think we'll use her for your pediatrician after you are born. She has excellent credentials and so much knowledge of herbs and healing. But I just felt that her doctor practice might take away from her focus on midwifery care.
Also, most of her services seemed to be offered on an, i guess i could call it, "a la carte" basis. I could hire a doula from her office if I felt that I needed more than just her assistance at my birth. I also can get pregnancy massage at her clinic. I might be stopping by there sometime soon :)
She only schedules one after birth home visit and you bring the baby back to her office one week after the birth. I'm used to a midwife who brings assistants and does multiple home visits to check on mother and baby. Also, Dr. Pushpa is a bit out of my price range.

I hope you're growing nicely and I'm giving you what you need. I sure have a lot of hormones surging through me. I've been having a lot of mood swings and feeling short on patience. I got a wild hair and chopped my hair the other night so I would have to go to the salon. It's about a foot shorter than it was. It was past my waist and is now just above my bra strap. I almost got it cut even shorter than that. But I thought that might be too much of a shocker.

Skanda and Nadia want to go to the beach today. It's a beautiful clear day and Alki Beach is calling us.
I love you baby. Maybe you'll be able to hear the ocean waves.

Posted by niproo at 12:41 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 17 July 2004 12:44 PM PDT
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